Organizer Toolkit


First and foremost, we want to say THANK YOU for selecting Food Tidings to help you help others!

You undoubtedly want to be the best Organizer you can be. To that end, we have created some helpful resources, tips, and tricks to guide you step-by-step from start to finish.


Sometimes, the hardest part of any project is simply getting started. We’ve done our best to make that step as easy as possible by creating a downloadable, printable guide to all the information you need to gather from the schedule Recipient in order to create a complete and personalized schedule for them.

In addition to this information, try to obtain a photo of the individual, couple or family the schedule supports. We highly recommend this, as schedules tend to be more successful when there is a visual representation of the family. You can request a photo from the recipient, or simply request to screenshot or download one of their Facebook or social media photos. That approach makes it easiest on both of you!

You can access the Information Gathering Guide here:

Organizer Questionnaire


Once you’ve gathered the information from Step 1, creating your schedule on is simple.

From the Home Page or your Dashboard, complete the easy “Create A Schedule” online form:

The Story

Share why the family can use support or encouragement and give dietary needs and/or food preferences. Meal suggestions, delivery services in the area or restaurant take out ideas are always appreciated. Also, be sure to include any details that are helpful such as letting the new parents & baby sleep by not ringing the door bell, leaving food in a cooler on the porch, if the family is up for visitors or not, etc.

Delivery Details

Select dates for the schedule, tell what drop off time(s) are best and where to drop off or have meals delivered.

NOTE: It’s very important to double check the 1) Delivery Address (correct street number, Apartment number, etc) and 2) Recipient’s email; as this information is automatically used by Vendors for delivery of Shoppe purchases and Gift eCards.


Once finished, you’ll have several options to send or share the invitation to the schedule, officially rallying the support team. 


Our experience shows that those most likely to participate in a meal support schedule are those who know and/or have an emotional connection to the Recipient. Therefore, sharing via email or social media (specifically Facebook) has proven to be the best method of getting the word out. Don’t hold back. People are very often looking for a way to contribute, so be sure to give them the opportunity!


You can use our system’s “Invite” tool to send your invitations out, once the schedule is complete and ready to share. Using the tool, available immediately after finishing the creation form and clicking “Complete”, you’ll enter or select the desired email addresses, add a personalized message and “Send”.

By using this tool, our system tracks the email addresses that you have invited to participate; allowing you to send future communications throughout the schedule’s timeframe. Don’t worry if you miss someone or think of another person to add, you can always send more invites out at any time from your Dashboard or the schedule’s page.

Recipient’s are also able to “Invite Friends” from their Dashboard, under “Food Tidings I’m Receiving”.

Also, you may send the link to the schedule via your personal email, as well. The link is provided on the “Invite” page, or you can copy the schedule page’s URL from your browser. However, please be sure to remember who is on your invite list incase you’d like to refer to it in the future. If the invitations do not originate from our “Invite” tool, our system will only track emails/individuals as they sign up to participate on the schedule; it will not maintain a complete invitation list if it is sent through your personal email.

Share Often!

Social media outlets are funny creatures. They may not show all of your posts to all of your friends, not to mention the fact that people have different habits of when they are online.

We recommend that you schedule posts, at various times in the day, once every other day for schedules shorter than 2 weeks in length and once a week or so for schedules longer than 2 weeks in length; until your schedule is full. You don’t want to inundate your friends, of course, but you want to remind them and make sure everyone who might want to participate knows about the schedule.

Private Message Select Friends/Family

Through Facebook or other social media’s direct message feature, you can ensure that people you know would want to participate don’t miss your posts about the schedule by sending them a private message; sending it to as many friends as you would like as a ‘group’ private message. Don’t forget to include the link to the schedule!

Encourage others to share the schedule with their network

If you wish, let others know that they can share the schedule with their friends and family. There is often crossover between friends and groups, and sharing is a great way to get other community members near and far involved.


Please check out our FAQs for additional information on other features and options.

If at any point you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!